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Everything is Possible – live talk by Lars Muhl

Video from Charlottenlund, Denmark, 8 October 2017 Live talk by Lars Muhl Lars on how to reconnect to the heavenly spiritual source. Whether we call ourselves religious or not, whether we profess to a particular religion or not, we all have at all times the opportunity to connect to the omnipresent, overall intelligence who is […]

Lars Muhl in conversation with Mariaestela from The Magdalene Voices

Video from September 2017 Lars Muhl shares his wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and gives us a completely different view on some of the main themes of Mariam the Magdalene (Mary Magdalene). Follow Mariaestela from The Magdalene Voices here: 

Interview with Lars Muhl by Alexandra Wenman

Video from London, Spring 2017 Lars Muhl writes about the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In this interview Lars says: ‘When you have a call and you don’t react to that call something will happen that will wake you up’. Lars talks about his divine meeting with The Seer in Southern France and his […]

Lars Muhl on Mary Magdalene at Watkins Bookshop

Video from Watkins Bookshop in London, 16 June 2017 Much has been said about Mariam the Magdalene (Mary Magdalene), and many books have been written about her. Lars Muhl has been studying Mariam the Magdalene since 1985. His book about her came out in Danish in 2004, and it is now released in English. With […]

Lars Muhl on The Seer at Watkins Bookshop

Video from Watkins Bookshop in London, 25 November 2016 As with Carlos Castaneda and Paulo Coehlo, Lars Muhl’s book ‘The Seer’ takes the reader on a personal voyage of discovery. With a narrative as compelling as fiction, told through one man’s journey this book is a spellbinding introduction to cosmic connectedness. The Seer is a […]

Lars Muhl on hitting the mark at The Zone Show

Podcast from 25 January, 2015 Tom Evans from The Zone Show talks with Lars Muhl who tells about his relationship with the Aramaic language and how the word ‘sin’ in Aramaic simply means ‘missing the mark’.

Lars Muhl at Watkins Bookshop

Video from Watkins Bookshop in London, November 2013